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About Tamu

Giving to the Future

Tamu is an innovative agri-processing company for the future which produces functional foods and sustainable energy alternatives, based on a zero waste philosophy.

We respect the environment and only utilise sustainable raw materials (our primary crop being sugar cane) with minimal processing to produce a range of functional foods and renewable energy alternatives.

We bring sustainable and innovative solutions to each of our customers and partner them in disrupting the sectors they operate in, with new products that meet the changing demands of consumers and market conditions towards healthier lifestyles and products.

Our R&D centre, Tamu Innovations leads the way in fibre research and new technologies to create better value for all stakeholders in the food chain, from farmers to consumers.

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Earning trust through every encounter


Tapping into the spirit of progress


Creating game-changers with our partners


Setting better standards always


Giving to a future our children can be proud of